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Build “STRONG” running motors for RC aircraft using “STRONG" motor parts.   Custom bearing tubes, motor mountswinding terminators and other parts make CDROM based motors easier to build, more robust, perform better and run cooler.      Instructions and consultation are always available to assure "STRONG" running motors.  Click on The "Products" button above to see what we offer.  Servos, ESC's, Connectors, Hook up wire, Factory Built Motors, Gluesand LED Light strips are now available.


Visit our sister business for Model Plane Foam.  We now build exclusively with Model Plane Foam.  It's more crash resistant than Depron and lots less expensive. It's beautiful bright white as is and takes water based paint like it was made for it.  Because, it was.  It was developed by myself and two flying buddies just for building Foamies.  And, it's made in the USA.  Oh yeah, no paper, skins or printing to remove either.  Try it. You will never want to use anything else.  Model Plane Foam also sells Carbon fiber and music wire.

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Our Mission

To provide Brushless Motors, Electronic motor Speed Controls (ESC's), and servos for small RC Planes.   Like the original motor parts and tools to help first time and experienced motor builders build the best brushless outrunners these products are selected to offer high value and reliable performance.

Strong RC Motors Profile

This is a 1 person hobby business, initiated in early 2004 to make well engineered motor parts and tools available on a custom and semi-custom basis.  It has grown from just offering to make custom bearing tubes on my lathe, to contracted CNC production, and direct factory importing of purchased parts like magnets and bearings.  Strong RC Motors parts have made it possible for many modelers around the world to build and fly these amazing little CDROM based motors.   I now offer the best factory built brushless motors, ESC's, and servos.

Doing an advanced search at RCGroups on bz1mcr or Strong RC Motors will show many comments from modelers and customers about Strong RC Motors, parts and tools.  To say these products have had an enthusiastic reception is an understatement. 

After retiring from 36 years of mechanical engineering, management, and executive assignments at the worlds largest auto company, I found much joy in building and flying motors based on parts salvaged from CDROM drives.  When measurements showed these amazing motors were outperforming motors weighing and costing much more, I offered to help others by making lathe parts in my basement.  A few months later began offering standard parts so scavenging old cdrom drives was no longer required. With the availability of standard parts the need for truly custom parts has been reduced.  Most motor builders can now get what they need from a small but growing number of suppliers making semi-production parts.  Strong RC Motors has been a part of this group and distinguished it's products with solid engineering and high value, always staying focused on what the RC modelers want.

Now that factory built brushless motors are available at reasonable prices, my focus is on selecting the highest value motors, ESC's, and servos available.   I test and use the products I sell.

If you have suggestions for future products, or improvements of current products please use the email address below. 

Contact Information

Customers are always encouraged to post comments or send bz1mcr a private message at  RCGroups.

Please send an email for telephone and fax information.

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5099 Crestmont Dr., Troy MI 48098, USA
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